Mitchell and Lynn Samberg, Proprietors 

Mitchell and Lynn Samberg have called Bedford their home for the last 18 years. Their 3 kids, 5 dogs, and 18 chickens all take great pride in being a part of this charming hamlet. With the addition of the restaurant, the Samberg's are excited to be directly linked to the fabric of Bedford Village. Good food, good friends, integrity and a strong sense of community is what they strive to put on the daily menu at Bedford 234. 

Scott Quis

Scott Quis hails from Patterson, NY. A CIA graduate, he worked as Sous Chef under Andrew Carmelini at Cafe Boulud and later, as Executive Chef under Bertrand Chemel. Scott has staged, or apprenticed, throughout France, Italy and Spain. He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife Lillian, their son John-Michael and dog Maynard. Scott was the former Executive Chef at Picholine, New York, NY, at Taste, New York, NY, and at Barcelona in Stamford, CT. During his training, Scott staged at the following restaurants:

  • Les Pres de'Eugenie, France
  • Regis Marcon, France
  • Michel Bras, France
  • La Pyramid, France
  • Trattoria Ezzalino, Italy
  • Bodegas Riojanas, Spain